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Knowledge Repository

Small-scale living environments' impact on positive behaviors and quality of life for residents with dementia

Author(s): Brennan, S., Doan, T.
Added February 2022

Patient and clinician engagement with health information in the primary care waiting room: A mixed methods case study

Author(s): Penry Williams, C., Elliott, K., Gall, J., Woodward-Kron, R.
Health literacy (i.e., the ability to understand medical information) is a big part of how people make decisions about their health. The availability of health information in waiting rooms has the potential to provide education to people who may not otherwise have access.
Key Point Summary
Added February 2022

Evaluating the impact of a multisensory environment on target behaviors of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author(s): Kim, M.-K., Park, N.-K.
Added November 2021

Understanding nurses’ workflow: Batching care and potential opportunities for transmission of infectious organisms, a pilot study

Author(s): Gregory, L., Weston, L. E., Harrod, M., Meddings, J., Krein, S. L.
Hand hygiene and personal protective equipment (PPE) strategies are employed to prevent disease transmission in the contact precaution room. Studies revealed that precautionary measures perceived as overwhelming required more time in patient care and required changes in workflow.
Key Point Summary
Added October 2021

Small garden, big impact: Emotional and behavioral responses of visitors to a rooftop atrium in a major hospital

Author(s): Martin, K., Nanu, L., Kwon, W.-S., Martin, D.
Added August 2021

Study of the physical environment of waiting areas and its effects on patient satisfaction, experience, perceived waiting time, and behavior in China

Author(s): Xuan, X., Li, Z., Chen, X., Cao, Y., Feng, Z.
Added August 2021

The role of methodological choices in the effects of experimental exposure to simulated natural landscapes on human health and cognitive performance: A systematic review

Author(s): Browning, M. H. E. M., Saeidi-Rizi, F., McAnirlin, O., Yoon, H., Pei, Y.
Added August 2021

Impact of visibility and accessibility on healthcare workers’ hand-hygiene behavior: A comparative case study of two nursing units in an academic medical center

Author(s): Cai, H., Tyne, I. A., Spreckelmeyer, K., Williams, J.
Added August 2021

Impact of circulation complexity on hospital wayfinding behavior (Case study: Milad 1000-bed hospital, Tehran, Iran)

Author(s): Pouyan, A. E., Ghanbaran, A., Shakibamanesh, A.
Added August 2021

Separate Medication Preparation Rooms Reduce Interruptions and Medication Errors in the Hospital Setting: A Prospective Observational Study

Author(s): Huckels-Baumgart, S., Baumgart, A., Buschmann, U., Schüpfer, G., Manser, T.
Errors and interruptions are commonplace during medication preparation procedures in healthcare environments. One study found that one interruption occurred for every 3.2 drugs administered during nurses’ medication rounds.
Key Point Summary
Added May 2021