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Knowledge Repository

Noise exposure and quality of life among nurses

Author(s): McCullagh, M. C., Xu, J., Dickson, V. V., Tan, A., Lusk, S. L.
Research shows that the effects of high-noise environments extend beyond hearing damage. Excessive noise levels can negatively impact cardiovascular health, mental health, sleep, and lead to tinnitus. Healthcare work environments are inherently noisy due to paging systems, telephones, monitor alarms, treatment equipment, and ice machines.
Key Point Summary
Added November 2022

Places of safety? Fear and violence in acute mental health facilities: A large qualitative study of staff and service user perspectives

Author(s): Jenkin, G., Quigg, S., Paap, H., Cooney, E., Peterson, D., Every-Palmer, S.
Added August 2022

The role of healthcare facility design on the mental health of healthcare professionals: A literature review

Author(s): Jin, H.-Y., Gold, C., Cho, J., Marzban, F., Lim, L.
Research demonstrates that burnout is prevalent in healthcare workers and has been associated with negative consequences for patients, staff, and organizations. To date, initiatives to mitigate burnout and support staff well-being do not fully utilize the built environment.
Key Point Summary
Added August 2022

The effectiveness of the anteroom (vestibule) area on hospital infection control and health staff safety: A systematic review

Author(s): Andalib, E., Faghani, M., Zia Ziabari, S. M., Shenagari, M., Salehiniya, H., Keivanlou, M. H., Rafat, Z.
Added August 2022

Reducing the risk of viral contamination during the coronavirus pandemic by using a protective curtain in the operating room

Author(s): Sadeghian, P., Bi, Y., Cao, G., Sadrizadeh, S.
Added August 2022

Inpatient telemedicine and new models of care during COVID-19: Hospital design strategies to enhance patient and staff safety

Author(s): Pilosof, N. P., Barrett, M., Oborn, E., Barkai, G., Pessach, I. M., Zimlichman, E.
Added August 2022

The Rewards of Psychological Safety in Design and Construction

Author(s): Kraus, C.
Added August 2022

Healthcare worker safety program in a COVID-19 alternate care site: The Javits New York Medical Station experience

Author(s): Thompson, C. N., Mugford, C., Merriman, J. R., Chen, M. A., Hutter, J. D., Maruna, T. J., Bacon, W. R., Childs, R. W., Pati, R., Clifton, G. T., Pazdan, R. M.
Added July 2022

Risk of air and surface contamination of SARS-CoV-2 in isolation wards and its relationship with patient and environmental characteristics

Author(s): Wang, K., Ho, K.-F., Leung, L. Y.-T., Chow, K.-M., Cheung, Y.-Y., Tsang, D., Lai, R. W.-M., Xu, R. H., Yeoh, E.-K., Hung, C.-T.
Added June 2022

Association between acute psychiatric bed availability in the Veterans Health Administration and veteran suicide risk: a retrospective cohort study

Author(s): Kaboli, P. J., Augustine, M. R., Haraldsson, B., Mohr, N. M., Howren, M. B., Jones, M. P., Trivedi, R.
Added May 2022