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Vikram Dendi

General Manager/Chief Product Officer, Microsoft Healthcare/NExT

For nearly two decades, Vikram has worked at interesting intersections - either that existed or more importantly, that needed to be established. These include bringing together foundational research capabilities, cutting edge technology development, design centered product development, empathetic and innovation oriented culture and an appreciation for analog thinking ethos. In that process, Vikram led and contributed to many inventive products and initiatives - harnessing your immune system for early detection of diseases, advanced AI capabilities and their applications like real-time speech translation, developing smart phones and location based services, open source media frameworks and business models, new products for emerging markets and moonshot initiatives like underwater data centers.

Vikram has been in the information technology and computer science field for over two decades, across research, entrepreneurship, product development and building effective teams across these realms and at multiple organizations. He is currently General Manager for Microsoft Healthcare and Chief Product Officer for Microsoft Research NExT - Microsoft’s “big bets” incubator. Vikram is an Entrepreneurial Fellow and graduated with Honors from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).  The Center for Health Design, at the intersection of human centered healthcare delivery and the design of environments is another intersection that he finds fascinating and inspiring, and is excited to add another facet to that intersection through his background and experience.