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A Clinician Liaison: You Never Heard Of It, But You Need One!

Course Description

We have learned that involving someone from the hospital with a practical understanding of the clinical enterprise is critical to designing and delivering a successful new hospital or renovation project. This presentation highlights the essential role of the “clinical liaison.” Presented by the architect, planner, and clinical liaison (a nurse, in this case) who together delivered a hugely successful new nine-story bed tower for Inova Loudoun Hospital, presenters will demonstrate how the clinical liaison provided continuous advocacy for the client, propelled good decision-making, and helped streamline operations. Using real-world examples, they’ll identify why a clinical liaison is a valuable resource on new projects.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn to create operational efficiencies that maintain project focus and design continuity while making it harder for stray decisions to change how a unit will operate.
  2. Explore the difference it can make to the overall project by bringing a clinical liaison into all facets of the project including budgets, implementation, schedules, and changes.
  3. Identify how a core team working through the duration of the project can work together to formulate a clear and focused narrative to the C-Suite, donors, foundation team, and community groups.
  4. Learn the importance of greater team engagement with hospital operations including facilities and asset control to assure that cost redundancies are avoided while reducing duplicated products that perform identical or similar functions.


  • Kelly Stevenson, MSN, RN, Sr Transition Manager, Gilbane TPM
  • Jason Beshore AIA, CDT, Healthcare Principal, HDR
  • Erin McMillan, Senior Health Planner, HDR

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March 24, 2022
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