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Decentralized Nursing: Making Sense of the Evidence and Planning for the Future

Course description


FGI Guidelines recommend single-patient rooms and clear sight lines from caregiver workstations to patients. Consequently, layouts with decentralized caregiver workstations are common in new and renovated units in the U.S. But do decentralized designs actually support intended outcomes? How has this “model” been defined? Do patients and staff benefit? How do we know if a model will work for a given organization? What considerations should be addressed to achieve optimal results? We will dive into these questions based on current evidence, including findings from newly emerging studies.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Synthesize key findings and evaluate strength of evidence from current published literature regarding decentralized nursing. 
  2. Assimilate emergent studies focused on the transition to decentralized nursing unit designs.
  3. Recognize strategies for critically evaluating the strength of quantitative outcomes and qualitative findings based on appropriateness of study design and methods.
  4. Identify and apply key questions and decision points to determine location and design of caregiver workstations in inpatient environments.


 Jeri Brittin, PhD, Director of Research, HDR and Francesqca E. Jimenez, MS, Researcher, HDR

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April 16, 2020
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