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Deliver What Patients and Caregivers Need When Designing Your Next Healthcare Building Project

Course Description

The Cleveland Clinic uses a project management approach and healthcare architectural expertise to support end users in the design and implementation of spaces for healthcare delivery. Patient safety, experience, and quality are ensured in the built environment through a collaborative team approach. Through relationship building and structured project management, the end user’s input is assured. The needs of providers, nursing, and allied health caregivers are captured; critical buy-in is achieved at all levels; and the best use of available resources is accomplished in an efficient and accurate manner. This approach will be demonstrated with a focus on the processes used, with case studies.


Learning objectives:

  • Provide tools to support end users in creating the built environment for nurses and patients.
  • Understand methods to enhance and collaborate through the design process.
  • Ensure interprofessional collaboration and workforce engagement in the design-build process.
  • Ensure optimum patient experience in the built environment.

Presenters: Denise Ready, Project Manager, Cleveland Clinic, Peter Bohan, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, Principal, Perspectus Architecture, & Chris Orlando, BSN RN, President, VOC Associates

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May 24, 2024
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