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Designing Hospitals to Combat Health Care Worker Burnout

Course Description

A national epidemic of health care worker burnout has caused an unprecedented crisis in the health care workforce. This multidisciplinary panel session will explore drivers and epidemiology of burnout; evidence-based design solutions rooted in neuroscience and organizational psychology that can mitigate burnout factors by promoting mental and physical health, workplace camaraderie and efficiencies; and methods to implement culture change through impactful design solutions that will rekindle the joy in health care delivery.

Learning objectives:

  • List the key features of burnout as defined by Maslach.
  • Detail the prevalence of burnout among U.S. health care workers.
  • Describe three key evidence-based design solutions that can support the physical and mental well-being of health care workers.
  • Explain the process of integrating design implementation and culture change.

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October 19, 2023
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