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Designing Spaces for High Performing Care Teams

Course Description

Healthcare is increasingly being delivered by a team of clinicians. A high-performing team of professional caregivers is best equipped to fulfill healthcare’s quadruple aim. However, workspace design has not kept up with the changes in clinical work and care teams. If you walk into many team work areas today, you will see they are often empty, underused, or have far too many people. Additionally, planning workspaces to support the work of clinicians is complex and challenging. Research has identified five essential work zones to the work of a high performing team to be: individual workpoints, collaborative breakaway space, privacy space, vertical “wall of awareness” and communal space. This CEU will share the challenges of designing team spaces today and discuss details of the five zones and how they can be applied to each organization’s process, culture and space.


Learning objectives

  1. Understand how and why effective teamwork is critical to achieving positive patient outcomes.
  2. Identify four skills members of a care team need to successfully work together and provide the best possible care.
  3. Explain five design principles that can provide the support care teams need to communicate effectively, establish connections, and continuously learn from one another.
  4. Articulate ideas for applying the five design principles to healthcare environments, promoting better teamwork and protecting the safety, health, and welfare of patients.

Michelle Ossmann, Director of Healthcare Knowledge and Innovation, & Gail Caldwell, RN, BSN, Clinical Strategist, MillerKnoll


EDAC Course ID:
April 2, 2022 to April 2, 2025
Class Frequency:
Lecture/Educational Session