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Evidence Based Design & Flooring

Course Description

Discover the transformative power of Evidence-Based Design (EBD) and its significant impact on project success, delving into its positive effects on well-being and the conducive environment it creates. Uncover the advantages of implementing EBD principles, supported by credible research and real-world examples, with a particular emphasis on its application in healthcare settings. Explore how EBD, including considerations like color, produces measurable results that enhance overall design quality and effectiveness.

Learning objectives:

  • Define Evidence Based Design (EBD).
  • Discuss the benefits of EBD.
  • Illustrate ways EBD can be used in flooring design.
  • Analyze how EBD applies to color and flooring choice.

Presenter: Chris Mack, Marketing Manager, AHF Products

This course is by invitation only.


EDAC Course ID:
January 30, 2024 to January 30, 2027
Class Frequency:
Lecture/Educational Session