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Multisensory Wellbeing Biohacking Creativity

Course Description

How we perceive our physical environment influences our body, mind, and spirit in profound ways. As design experts, the more we understand humans the more we can understand how to shape the spaces we occupy and how environment can impact us on a biological, physical, and chemical level. Get your senses ready as we'll learn to achieve a multisensory wellbeing in biohacking human experience and creativity.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the "wellness wake-up call" that's leading the "new normal" in the workplace
  2. Review the 5 Senses and explore examples of sensory techniques that boost creativity and focus whether working from home or in the physical office
  3. Examine how the "cinnamon effect" can enhance creativity and welfare
  4. Understand how to combine the senses in the built environment to promote our social, cognitive and emotional wellbeing

Presenters: Kim Montague, Executive Director - Research + Insights, Kimball International and other Kimball staff

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EDAC Course ID:
May 27, 2022 to May 27, 2025
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