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Texas Healthcare Rule Revolution – A comparison of current and proposed hospital rules

Course Description

This course is focused on the transition and differences between the current adopted Rules, chapter 133 and the draft Rules, chapter 520, that will be used for the design and construction of hospitals in Texas for future projects.

The State of Texas is intending to adopt new regulations based on the 2018 Guidelines in 2022.
Join us as Tina Duncan, contributing editor for the proposed Rules, highlights the proposed changes when compared to the current Rules. This discussion will also cover new provisions that are not included in the current rules to ensure the public’s health quality is protected by offering new guidance.


Learning Objectives:


  • The participants will learn about the significant differences between the Rules, how that will affect the built environment and how that will positively affect the patients and staff by creating a healthier environment
  • The participants will learn about specific improvements in the requirements that will enhance the healthcare environments. An example would be a requirement to have an enclosed room with either a toilet or flushing sink in an Intensive Care Unit room; the enclosed room will provide a lower risk of airborne particulates that could be introduced into the patient room when a swivette type of fixture is used. Additionally, a private room that can be used to dispose of waste that is accessed from the patient room is a safer option for staff; otherwise, they have to walk down a corridor to dispose of waste.
  • The participants will be able to identify the new clinical and patient care spaces that are proposed to be included in the new Rules
  • The participants will understand some of the major differences between the 2012 and 2018 Life Safety Code and how that may affect their facility
  • The participants will better understand the rulemaking process and timeline of events

Presenter: Tina Duncan, AIA, ACHA, CBO, Health Guidelines Revision Committee Member, Member FGI Board of Directors, AIA AAH Codes and Standards Chair, HKS Inc.

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February 24, 2022
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