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Understanding Sensory Stress within Healthcare Environments: Human-centered Tools for On-site Data Collection


Environmental conditions impact human health and behavior through stress and are of particular concern within healthcare facilities. Sensory stress may prevent or prolong recuperation for patients and manifest in anxiety, depression and reduced task-performance for staff. In order to mitigate sensory stress, healthcare systems are partnering with evidence-based design teams to understand elements within the environment that impact sensory stress. This webinar provides evidence-based design examples of on-site tools useful in the measurement of human-centric data within the healthcare environment.



Learning Objectives
  • Understand design factors that contribute to elevated stress in healthcare settings
  • Learn how to use on-site research methods to gather data from healthcare staff, patients and family members
  • Develop strategies that inform evidence-based healthcare design to minimize stress



Lesa Lorusso, Healthcare Director of Research & Innovation, Gresham Smith
Elisa Worden-Kirouac, Principal, Sr. Interior Designer, Gresham Smith
Carolyn Blake, Sr. Interior Designer, Gresham Smith

This course is provided by EDRA.

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March 2, 2020 to July 31, 2020
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