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Your EDAC Story

It's EDAC's 10th anniversary and we'd like to celebrate with you! First of all, congratulations on being EDAC certified - whether you were certified in 2009 or 2019, you are part of a global community of forward thinkers who envision a world where all healthcare environments are created using evidence-based design.

Our EDAC certified community is vast, with many different disciplines, but one thing remains consistent for each - an understanding that utilizing evidence-based design research as the basis for healthcare facility planning and design decisions will provide a path to achieve the best possible patient, staff and operational outcomes.

If you're an EDAC certified architect or designer, ​you have a method for developing design solutions that are rooted in research to help achieve a client’s goals. Hospital executives use evidence-based design to champion innovations that are good for the triple bottom line. EDAC certified healthcare providers, engineering/construction professionals, and manufacturers understand the importance of using research-based design decisions to provide a roadmap to achieve the desired results. And students just starting out distinguish themselves with their knowledge and practice of evidence-based design with the EDAC appellation.

Everybody decides to become EDAC certified for different reasons and everyone has a story to tell about their certification. We'd like to highlight you and your story over the year as we celebrate EDAC's 10th anniversary. To that end, we have three questions below - with a chance to tell us more in the "there's more to my story" box below.

Thanks for being a part of our celebration!

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