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Behavioral Health Strategic Design Webinar Day Pass - 2 Webinars

When: June 27, 2019
Time: 10:00am Pacific
Price: $115 individual/ $260 group


2 one-hour webinars –

  • one at 10:00 am PT
  • one at 12:00 pm PT

2 units EDAC continuing education
2 units AIA continuing education
CEU forms available for download during webinar


These webinars are free to our Affiliate+ members. Please register for the individual webinars to receive your Affiliate+ discount. 

Did you miss our recent Behavioral Health —Strategic Design Innovations that Improve Treatment Outcomes, Safety and the Bottom Line Workshop in Los Angeles? Or did you attend the workshop but wanted to provide your staff with some of the key learnings as well? For anyone who wants to learn more about innovative and effective design strategies that support behavioral health populations, we have developed this Behavioral Health Strategic Design Webinar day that features three of the workshop speakers and their presentations. You can attend each webinar as an individual or as a group or you can purchase both as an individual or group. 

To attend both webinars as an individual is $115.00 or as a group is $260.00 (excludes any member discount), just register above.

Or if you just want to attend one of these webinars, click on the links below to sign up individually at the rate of $65.00 per webinar or $150.00 per webinar as a group.


10:00 AM Pacific Time 
Realizing the Benefits of a Human-Centered Approach in Behavioral Health
Rick Dahl, AIA, Principal & Architect, BWBR 
Scott Holmes, RA, ACHA, LEED® AP, Principal, BWBR

12:00 PM Pacific Time
Safety for All: Keeping Patients and Staff Safe in Behavioral Health Environments

Michele Cohen, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC, LEED, Principal, NORR


Presenting Faculty

Rick Dahl, AIA, Principal & Architect, BWBR 
Rick Dahl, AIA, a principal and architect at BWBR, guides health care organizations through a design process calibrated to find effective solutions for challenging situations. His work at BWBR includes leading project teams for the design of large and small health care facilities, including a focus on behavioral and mental health ranging from pediatric and adolescent health to adult treatment in acute and secure environments.



Scott Holmes, RA, ACHA, LEED® AP, Principal, BWBR
Scott Holmes, AIA, principal of medical planning at BWBR, leads user groups through planning and study sessions to create centers that are therapeutic, efficient, and intuitive for staff and patients. His interest in design and its impact on human behavior attracted him to work on the special needs of patients from adults to children seeking treatment in mental health units.



Michele Cohen, M.Arch, OAA, MRAIC, LEED, Principal, NORR

Michele is a principle at NORR Architects and Engineers and leads the Health Science Studio. She is an innovative and resourceful licensed architect and planner with 25 years of professional experience. Michele has a Master of Architecture degree from SCI-Arc and practiced architecture in Los Angles for 10 years before moving to Toronto, Ontario. Michele’s first major healthcare project was the LAC+USC Medical Centre in Los Angeles. She moved to Canada and continued working in the alternative finance and procurement P3 market on both compliance and design teams. She has been involved in 10 healthcare P3 projects across Canada since 2006. Michele led the successful pursuit of the 18 story St. Michael’s Hospital Peter Gilgam Patient Tower and is currently working with NORR to complete the project.