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Design for Healthy Aging: Solutions Across the Continuum of Care Workshop

When: September 30, 2020
Time: 8:00am Pacific
What: Agenda
Price: FREE

Workshop Hours:
8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET
1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET

4.5 CEUs

To become an event sponsor/partner, 
contact Randy Carter, rcarter@healthdesign.org
(541) 965-1922



In this one-day intensive workshop, expert faculty will share current physical, mental and societal challenges posed when individuals age, discuss programming and design interventions that can assist people (and their care givers) with those challenges, and present case studies and examples that integrate architecture, design and technology into healthy, safe living environments. 


Faculty and attendees will explore gaps in the current system, (certainly exposed and exacerbated by the current pandemic) and consider the latest in design thinking for healthy aging in various settings across the continuum of care. Identify state-of-the-art best practices and possible new solutions through thought leader presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. Attendees will have opportunities to pose questions to workshop faculty and interact with fellow attendees in fun and innovative ways. 


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the challenges of affordability in various settings for people as they age and how public /private partnerships and new approaches to programming and design can close the affordability gap and open access to living spaces.
  • Identify aspects of the built environment that across the continuum of care (i.e. aging in place, acute care, rehabilitation, AL, IL, etc.) that support (or don’t support) health and wellness and design strategies that better enable care.
  • Apply current design research findings to the design of personal and public spaces for people as they age.
  • Identify new and existing models for living environments for people as they age and evaluate their effectiveness for both care and health/wellness.


Presenting Faculty

September 30, 2020

8:00 AM PT/ 11:00 AM ET
Welcome Opening Remarks & Introductions

Addie M. Abushousheh, PhD, EDAC, Associate AIA 
Organizational & Environmental Gerontologist, Research Associate 
The Center for Health Design





8:05 AM PT / 11:05 AM ET
Opening Remarks —State of the Practice & Trends in Environments for Aging

Angie Scott, Ph.D., Allied ASID, IDEC
Assistant Professor of Interior Design, Georgia Southern University
Owner, Angie Scott Design




8:35 AM PT/ 11:35 AM ET
Panel #1: Best Practices and Challenges Across the Continuum of Care

Join this panel for a discussion about best practices and challenges in various services and settings across the aging continuum of care including aging in place, acute care, rehabilitation and community services. The panel will highlight key issues to be addressed including isolation, distribution of services, accessibility, and technology.

Kansas State University




Green Globes CIEB Assessor, Principal & Founder
JSR Associates, Inc.




Marie Martin, Ph.D. 
Industrial Hygienist (Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Facility Coordinator) 
VA North Texas Health Care System




Robert Wrublowsky, MAA, OAA, AAA, SAA, MRAIC, LEED®AP, EDAC
Principal Partner
MMP Architects





9:20 AM PT/12:20 PM ET
Audience Q&A with Panel #1

Pose questions of the panelists and hear their responses and insights


9:50 AM PT/12:50 PM ET
West Coast Coffee Break/ East Coast Lunch Break


10:20 AM PT/ 1:20 PM ET
Panel #2: New and Evolving Models

Models for where people are aging are ever evolving. Join this panel to discuss the successes and challenges of various models including independent living, long term living, and the household model. Key issues to be addressed will include affordability, challenges with workforce, and the balance between safety and personal agency and autonomy.

Margaret Calkins, PhD, EDAC
Board Chair
IDEAS Institute




Jill Schroeder, CID
Senior Certified Interior Designer & Senior Planner
Pope Architects




John Scoggin, AIA
e4h Environments for Health Architecture




11:25 AM PT/ 2:25 PM ET
Audience Q&A with Panel #2

Pose questions of the panelists and hear their responses and insights.


11:45 AM PT/ 2:45 PM ET
West Coast Lunch Break/ East Coast Afternoon Snack


12:15 PM PT/ 3:15 PM ET
Panel #3: Addressing What’s Next

Reflect on the discussions of the day and join this panel of all the speakers from earlier in the day, for an engaging discussion to further identify needs of people as they age, identify gaps in service and design, and identify strategies to fill those gaps.


1:00 PM PT/ 4:00 PM ET
Audience Q&A with Panel #3

Pose questions of the panelists and hear their responses and insights.


1:20 PM PT/ 4:20 PM ET
It’s a Wrap

Wrap up the day with this panel that will identify overall themes, observations and next steps.


1:30 PM PT/ 4:30 PM ET


1:45 PM PT/ 4:45 PM ET
Social Networking Event