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PDC 2025 Call for Presentations Deadline | Accepting Submissions for the Center’s 24-Session Learning Track: Research, Design and Outcomes

When: May 31, 2024
Time: 11:59pm
At the March 2024 PDC Summit in San Diego, The Center debuted and produced a new PDC Learning Track – Research, Design and Outcomes – featuring recent work from The Center’s research team; Aging, Behavioral Health, Pediatric and Built Environment Networks; the HERD Journal and other familiar and new healthcare design industry leaders. If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.
For the 2025 PDC Summit in Atlanta, we’ll be doubling the number of sessions we select and produce to 24. Now we’re looking for some smart, forward-thinking and inspiring industry veterans and ambitious up-and-comers as presenters or panelists for our track.
We’re looking for stories that feature the use of research to advance best practices and improve health outcomes, patient experience of care, and provider/staff satisfaction and performance. Topics could include but are not limited to:

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