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Modular Design and Pre-Fabrication: Building a Flexible Future

August 2021

The Workshop

Pre-fabrication and modular construction are one of the biggest trends in healthcare today, and by the look of its current trajectory, it is here to stay. There are many advantages, and challenges, when incorporating this type of construction in current and new healthcare design projects.

Join us for this virtual interactive, collaborative, problem-solving workshop intended to enable project stakeholders (designers, facility executives, administrators, and care providers) to explore the key tenants of pre-fabrication and modular construction, how the benefits of “better, cheaper, faster” is balanced with quality and safety, and how design/build processes and budgets can be reframed from traditional healthcare design/build projects.

Representatives from internationally acclaimed health systems will share insights into the latest developments in the field and the esteemed faculty will provide presentations and case studies that outline the advantages (i.e. flexibility, future-proofing, etc.) and challenges of this type of approach. Attendees also will benefit from interactive scenario breakouts and share questions and ideas with the owners, faculty, and solution providers throughout the event.




Welcome Opening Remarks & Introductions

Thomas Jung, M.Arch, Member, Board of Directors, The Center for Health Design


Opening Keynote Presentation

Mike Wood, Vice President of Planning, Design, Construction & Energy, Medxcel 


Panel of Experts

Attendees will hear first-hand from representatives from acclaimed health systems and will share insights into the latest developments in the field.  Understand the key drivers they experience and challenges they face in when considering and executing projects that involve pre-fabrication and modular design. Hear real world examples about what is currently working in the field, what opportunities exist, and how design of the built environment using this approach can address them.

Facilitator: Mike Wood, Vice President of Planning, Design, Construction & Energy, Medxcel 

Victoria Navarro, MBA-HCM, Regional Director of Planning, Design & Construction-North Wisconsin, Advocate Aurora Health
Heather Dilley, Director, Preconstruction and Project Engineering, Medxcel Facilities Management
Nate Price, PE, CHFM, Senior Director | Construction & Engineering, Cleveland Clinic

Audience Q&A with Panel of Experts


West Coast Coffee Break/ East Coast Lunch Break


Presentation: Productization and the Future

Ryan McMahon, Director of Product for Industrialized Construction, Autodesk

Future-Proofing Medical Office Design: A Case Study

This case study shares the Stanford Healthcare experience using a modular approach. Join these members of the Stanford Health Care PD+C sponsored Modular Product System Evaluation Team as they share the art & science focused evidence- based outcomes of a 1.5-year 12 manufacturers modular systems evaluation project to hear about what the in-depth 11 HC Performance Criteria based evaluations and analysis discovered.

George Tingwald, MD, AIA, ACHA, Administrative Director, Medical Planning, Stanford Health Care - Planning Design and Construction
Andrea Hyde, NCIDQ, CHID, CID, Senior Project Manager - Planning, Stanford Health Care - Planning Design and Construction

Panel (Solution Provider/Partners)

Given/With their diverse experience, depth of technical knowledge, and practical application, today’s leading partners and solution providers can help organizations avoid challenges, implement state-of-the-art solutions and gain competitive advantages available through prefab, industrial construction, and design. Join us as our panel shares their unique insights, lessons learned, and innovative practices being applied to advance the built environment in healthcare settings.

DIRTT – Chelsea Barlow, BSc; MBA, Senior Manager - Market Strategist - Healthcare at DIRTT Environmental Solutions
BOLDT  - Will Lichtig, Executive Vice President, Performance and Innovation Resources, Boldt
Mark III Construction – Dan Carlton, President & Owner, Mark III


West Coast Lunch/ East Coast Afternoon Snack


Breakout Workshops


Breakout Report Back


Concluding Panel Discussion

Modular Design and Pre-Fabrication: Building a Flexible Future

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