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Insights & Solutions

November 2016 Tool

This tool is meant to support a universal design approach to environments for aging populations. 

Design Strategies
November 2016 Design Strategies

Aging often involves a multitude of changing needs and priorities. However, there are human needs and desires that remain constant throughout the life course. Design strategies for aging must not only address basic physiological and safety needs, but attend to higher-level human needs as well. The universal design approach is being adopted by many forward-thinking designers who aim to support equitable, flexible, and accessible environments for all users.


Issue Brief
November 2016 Issue Brief

As part of the impact of aging toolbox, in this issue brief you will learn about the current state of aging and associated health conditions, the alignment between universal design and sustainable design strategies inspired by environments for aging, and universal design models that enable flexible and adaptable spaces to support aging needs and human needs.

Project Brief
November 2016 Project Brief

Learn about: the homelike model for resident care Riverside Assisted Living Facility Administration wanted to apply, the full-scale mock-ups of the proposed living spaces that launched the project, and the ‘neighborhood’ concept that enables greater resident independence as well as safety.

September 2016 Webinar

This webinar provides a glimpse into how innovative providers can change that paradigm by integrating new models and technology into their memory caregiving, activities, and building design. Learn from experts in architecture and technology, and walk away with a blueprint of how to make technology come alive in your community.

EBD Journal Club
December 2013 EBD Journal Club

Lorenz, S. G. & Dreher, H. M. (2011). Hospital room design and health outcomes of the aging adult. Health Environments Research & Design Journal, 4(2), 23-35.

Executive Summary
March 2015 Executive Summary

Learn about: the importance of social health for older adults, the definitions and characteristics of select social behavior concepts, and design implications of social concepts.

Executive Summary
March 2015 Executive Summary

Learn about: definitions of psychological concepts related to the designed environment, functions of personalization, privacy, wayfinding, and access to nature in meeting psychological needs, and design implications of personalization, privacy, wayfinding, and access to nature.

Executive Summary
March 2015 Executive Summary

Learn about: the frequency and cost of falls among older adults, reasons older people fall and what can be done to prevent falls, and other safety concerns among older adults.

Executive Summary
March 2015 Executive Summary

Learn about: activities necessary for independent living, the range of residential options for older adults, and the culture change movement that is transforming care environments for the aging population.