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About the Pebble Project

Becoming A Pebble Partner

Pebble Partner Benefits

By implementing a wide range of evidence-based design features, our Pebble Partners are iimproving outcomes such as:

  • Increased patient, staff, and family satisfaction
  • Fewer healthcare-associated infections
  • Reduced staff injuries
  • Improved workflow and process
  • Fewer mediation errors
  • Return on investment for desgin innovations
  • Reduced patient falls
  • Reduced workplace turnovers
  • Improved response time

Since 2000, the Pebble Project, envisioned and created by The Center for Health Design, has been teaching and assisting healthcare providers to use an evidence-based design process in their healthcare capital projects. Our research is focused on quality of care, patient safety, staff safety, and environmental safety.

Pebble Partners learn how to develop strategies to implement, measure, and document the results of their endeavors from the experiences, lessons learned, and expert advice of fellow members, as well as having access to The Center’s researchers, research papers, checklists, planning tools, third-party assessments, workshops, and research opportunities.

Who Should Join?

Pebble Partners are healthcare organizations, firms, and manufacturers of all types, sizes, and locations, including the following:     

  • Large and small acute care hospitals     
  • Academic, research, and teaching institutions     
  • Ambulatory care facilities and clinics     
  • Specialty hospitals (children, cancer, residential care, etc.)     
  • Health systems     
  • Government authorities
  • Architecture and design firms
  • Product manufacturers