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Pebble Partner Benefits

Pebble Partner Benefits

Create a ripple effect in the healthcare community. As a Pebble Partner, you’ll have the opportunity to add to the body of knowledge on healthcare design, motivate other individuals and organizations, and inspire change.

We signed on to the Pebble Project because it provides access to resources we ordinarily don’t have, in terms of experts and research. Additionally, we are eager to ‘give something back’ to the industry through the research Dublin will do and to help future generations build better buildings.
—Cheryl Herbert, President, Dublin Methodist Hospital

Become a part of the Pebble community to enhance the quality of your project and create a more efficient and effective healing environment.

Pebble Partner Activities

Network with other members. Observe and learn at live and virtual events. Engage with a CHD Pebble research associate. Define short- and long-term strategic built environment decision making goals. Conduct a pre- or post-occupancy EBD evaluation. Pilot a new design innovation. Design, implement, and publish a customized research study on your topic with the support of your own affiliated research team. There are many opportunities to contribute and benefit from the Pebble community.

Support from The Center's Team

Members of the Pebble Project can expect to receive the following types of support from The Center for Health Design researchers and staff:     

  • Coordinate Pebble contributions to research and the body of knowledge for EBD
  • Provide guidance and resources throughout the process
  • Assist with access to research collaborators
  • Conduct literature reviews and industry scans
  • Facilitate research brainstorming sessions and meetings
  • Manage third-party review and evaluation of facility design
  • Provide support for writing and disseminating findings
  • Act as a liaison to known resources and like-minded peers
  • Foster a community to showcase benchmark projects and ideas