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Lancaster, PA

ECORE Commercial Flooring (ECF) includes innovative brands that are ideal for the commercial flooring market – Everlast, ECOsilence, ECO98, ECOsurfaces, and Polyflor.


Most of the brands (Everlast, ECOsilence, ECO98, and ECOsurfaces), falling under the ECF umbrella, are manufactured by ECORE, a company that transforms waste into unique performance surfacing. ECORE has been a U.S. leader in innovative products for more than twenty years, engineering new ways to reuse scrap tires and reduce the nation’s landfills and to create durable, functional, and aesthetic surfacing solutions.


An additional ECF brand is Polyflor, a company known as the pioneers in the production of homogeneous vinyl flooring. Polyflor Ltd. is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers committed to innovation and development, making a comprehensive range of resilient vinyl flooring solutions while striving to reduce its environmental impact.


Both companies have created a powerful and mutually beneficial partnership where technology and customer satisfaction are the priority and focus. ECORE and Polyflor are committed to combining the best of what each company has to offer in order to introduce industry-changing, solution-driven flooring products throughout North America.


To learn more about ECORE Commercial Flooring, its advanced technologies, and portfolio of products and brands, please visit http://ecorecommercialflooring.com/.