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Parkland Health & Hospital System

Dallas, TX

Parkland Memorial Hospital is a 54 year old county hospital. The current facilitates are far out dated and 50% to small for the current volume---over 1 million visits a year. Much of the utility infrastructure is in need of replacement. The current facility does not meet current code and is inefficient to operate, overcrowded and functional deficient. With the county population expected to double by 2025 a replacement facility is needed to meet Dallas County’s future healthcare needs.




  • Harper, K., Adams, H., & Thomas, D. (2011). Applying evidence-based design at the new Parkland Hospital. Healthcare Design, 11(7), 18–23.                                                                                                                     “To successfully implement EBD principles, the Parkland design team sought to create an environment of care that incorporates streamlined processes, new technologies, and nurturing design elements. A visioning session was held involving all stakeholders in the project to identify proven strategies that would: • Improve patient safety; • Improve patient outcomes; • Increase patient, family, and staff satisfaction;• Improve efficiency and effectiveness of staff; and • Accommodate today’s best practices, with flexibility to adapt to the future."