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Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center

Joliet, IL

Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center proposes the construction of an eight-story tower with a basement to accommodate 199 new patient rooms on the west side of the existing Medical Center. The patient rooms will house medical/surgical, pediatric, and ICU beds. The additional rooms will allow the Medical Center to accommodate its existing inventoried capacity with 100% private rooms. The project also includes the demolition of the college of nursing, relocation and expansion of the existing boiler house, relocation and construction of the loading dock, and the construction of an 864 space parking garage. The existing laboratory will be relocated to the lower level of the new tower, to provide operational efficiencies. Vacated space will be modernized to better serve the Medical Center’s workload. The first floor of the proposed tower will accommodate administrative space, dining, the Congestive Heart Failure Clinic, and a conference center with training rooms. A women’s health center will also be located on the first floor of the new tower.


The existing ICU space will be renovated to accommodate the existing cardiac catheterization service. Some existing vacated space on the first floor will be used to accommodate Human Services, retail space, a gift shop/pharmacy, and the Neurology Department.

The project will result in the addition of 11 ICU beds, and 2 rehabilitation beds. The project will also result in the discontinuation of 16 pediatric beds, 2 medical/surgical beds, and 39 acute mental illness beds.


The proposed project gross square footage consists of 573,101 GSF of new construction, including a 300,835 GSF parking garage and a 16,300 GSF power plant, and approximately 110,469 GSF of modernized space.


This is a substantive project because it includes the addition of beds and the modernization of services not considered by the Board to be non-substantive in nature.


The first full year after project completion is 2011.