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Provincial Health Services Authority

Vancouver, BC, Canada

A three phase project referred to as the Children's and Women's Hospital Redevelopment Project.


Phase 1 - the relocation of over 75,000 square feet of programs and services from a building that is to be demolished in order to prepare the site for the new hospital. This also includes the construction of another 25,000 sf building to house some of the programs and services that are being relocated as well as a significant amount of renovation in current spaces across the site and off-site to relocate the balance of programs that must move.


Phase 2 - when Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 consists of a new 454,000 sq ft hospital that will include a 70-bed NICU, a 28-bed PICU, 96 inpatient med/surg beds and 27 oncology beds. This building will also include all of the normal acute care services including emergency, diagnostic imaging, interventional suite/ORs etc.


Phase 3 - This phase consists of two key parts. The current Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital share the same building. When the children are moved into the new building at the end of Phase 2, the vacated space will create the opportunity to expand and upgrade the Women's Hospital programs and services. The vacated space will also allow us to relocate the outpatient programs for the Sunny Hill Hospital Child Development and Rehabilitation program from a remote site into this site. The inpatient beds from Sunny Hill Hospital will be included in the Phase 2 acute-care building.