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Southlake Regional Health Centre & Stevenson Memorial Hospital

Newmarket & Alliston, Ontario, Canada

Southlake Regional Health Centre is located in one of the fastest growing regions of Ontario, Canada. Within the Ontario healthcare industry, Southlake has earned a reputation for being progressive, innovative, and for consistently achieving the status of “high performer.” In early 2000, Southlake began their first major expansion project as part of Redevelopment: Building the Best. SRHC has recently completed a $220 million renovation and expansion project. Highlights include:


  • A New two storey expansion at the north-east corner of the facility, currently houses five new operating rooms, two of which are used for open-heart surgery, and various cardiac diagnostic and follow-up clinics.
  • Construction of a new six-storey expansion of the East Building provided much-needed space for patient care services.
  • The ED was expanded to three times its previous size to address issues related to the region’s rapid growth, reducing wait times, and providing enhanced comfort and privacy to patients requiring urgent medical treatment.
  • Extensive reconstruction and infrastructure upgrades to the West Building that allowed the Mental Health Program, including both the in-patient and out-patient units, to move into modern expanded space. This also provided space for such services as Spiritual Care, Information Technology, Physical Facilities, Environmental Services, and Linen Services.
  • Renovations to the MRI/CT Suite, completed in May 2007, resulted in the replacement of our first MRI and CT machines, and the addition of a second CT machine. As a result, Southlake now provides access to two state-of-the-art 64-slice CT machines and MRI machines.
  • A new 474-space West Parking Garage was completed and opened to the public in February 2007.


The final phase of the Redevelopment Project, completed in Spring of 2007, involved extensive renovations of the 1975 East Building, including the creation of additional patient care rooms, an expanded Neonatal Intensive Care unit, and a new two-storey Chapel.


In addition, Southlake is in the midst of a major construction project on a new four-story cancer center – the centerpiece of the Hospital’s $110 million expansion plan for cancer care services – which opened in March 2010.


Stevenson Memorial Hospital is located 45 minutes from SRHC and serves a largely rural population. The existing hospital was constructed in the 1960’s as a 78 bed community hospital and since that time has only undergone small internal redevelopment projects, leaving many base infrastructure systems behind the times.

Together, under the banner of “One Vision for Two Organizations”, SRHC and SMH arecontinuing to plan for significant expansion and replacement on both sites. Both organizations have recently completed Operational Visioning sessions and Functional Programs.


The Development 2011 project will be guided by a vision charter entitled “Put Patients First Always: 7 Guiding Principles.”




  • Mayhew, R. (2010). The new reality of master planning. Healthcare Design, 10(1), 22–27.  “Evidence-Based Design, Lean and Six Sigma are just some of the tools available to organizations to develop the highest and best use of facilities and funds. To be used effectively, there needs to be a more collaborative and integrated approach in the development of master plans and programs.”