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Trillium Health Centre

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The new seven story wing at Trillium Health Centre is, adding 135 much-needed inpatient beds and an expanded cardiac program including a new cardiac operating room and coronary care centre. There were renovations to the fracture clinic, diagnostic imaging and emergency support. The innovative patient rooms designed to improve staff satisfaction and efficiency, patient satisfaction and reduce patient falls, medication errors and nosocomial infections. The decentralized design brings staff closer to patients. This has been enabled through the application of technology linking patients directly to their nurses through Cisco phones and incorporating electronic white boards that are replicated in decentralized spaces. The post evaluation of this wing is currently underway with the assistance of the Centre for Health Design.



  • Cochrane, P., Nishimura, J., Spencer, G., & Taylor, E. (2012a). Improving staff outcomes in inpatient units-A Canadian context. Healthcare Design, 12(7), 14–19.
    “Trillium wanted to test the improvements in the quality of nurses’ work life by ensuring they had access to frequently used supplies, communication devices, and quiet spaces for medication dispensing and documentation.”
  • Cochrane, P., Nishimura, J., Spencer, G., & Taylor, E. (2012b). Improving patient safety in inpatient units-A Canadian context. Healthcare Design, 12(6), 12–15,17.
    “Specifically related to patient safety, Trillium was interested in:
    - Determining the benefits of an increased number of private rooms and strategically placed handwash sinks on infection rates.
    - Determining whether medication errors would decrease as a result of the isolated nursing alcoves and improved light levels.
    - Providing information regarding the impact the room design had on the number of patient falls.”
  • Cochrane, P., Nishimura, J., & Woods, L. (2009). Canadian hospital raises the bar on acute care inpatient design. Healthcare Design, 9(10), 10–15.
    “Built on time and on budget, the seven-story wing is a result of everything Trillium has learned about evidence-based, cost-effective, patient-friendly design. Many of the design features in the wing (e.g., decentralized nursing, patient room design, wireless technology) will be evaluated for their effect on patient and workplace safety, patient outcomes, cost effectiveness, staff impact, and overall quality of care.”