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University Hospital Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

Cleveland, OH

To remain at the leading edge of patient care and meet the needs of the growing newborn population, the new Quentin & Elisabeth Alexander Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will bring together the latest advances in diagnostics, surgery and patient care in a homelike environment for parents and families is need.

Vision for the New NICU


UH Rainbow Babies’ plans for the new NICU renovation of 29,108 square feet of existing space on the 4th floor of Rainbow, with additional investment in new diagnostic, operating and treatment equipment to support the most advanced care for their littlest, most fragile patients. Reinforcing the family’s central role in caregiving, the new 38-bed NICU provides extra privacy and special accommodations for parents and other loved ones. It will improve outcomes, transforming what are now clustered isolettes into private and semi-private rooms with advanced lighting, sound protection and temperature controls designed to simulate the comfort of the womb. Expanded diagnostic capabilities eliminate the need for babies to be shuttled around the hospital for tests and invasive procedures.


The Quentin & Elisabeth Alexander Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Rainbow Babies is under construction and opened in early 2009.

Facts about the Quentin & Elisabeth Alexander NICU


  • The new NICU brings together advanced technology, research and operative services in a homelike environment for newborns.
  • Bedside space and rooming accommodation for parents reinforces the family’s central role in caregiving.
  • Communication systems alert nurses to patient problems without sounding loud, shrieking alarms that disturb babies and their families.
  • Family respite space for parents, siblings and caregivers are in close proximity to patient rooms.
  • Expanded diagnostic capabilities means babies do not have to be moved around the hospital for tests and procedures.
  • A special procedure room and imaging capabilities enhance the safety and stability of babies in the course of their care.
  • A new bridge enables easy access between the traditional NICU and the new, step-down NICU. The bridge will span a newly-renovated, child-friendly courtyard and be an architectural enhancement.
  • A dedicated elevator transports newborns from MacDonald Women’s Hospital to the new NICU.