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Workshop: Modular Design and Prefabrication: Balancing Better and Faster with Quality

When: July 27, 2023
Time: 8:30am Pacific
What: Agenda

Virtual Workshop Hours: 

8:30 AM - 1:45 PM Pacific 
11:30 AM -  4:45 PM Eastern

4.0 CEUs


Prefabrication and modular construction are among the biggest trends in healthcare today, and by the look of their current trajectory, they are here to stay. While there are many advantages to incorporating this type of construction into current and new healthcare design projects, there can be many challenges as well. 

This virtual interactive, collaborative, problem-solving workshop is designed to enable project stakeholders (designers, solution providers, facility executives, administrators, and care providers) to explore the key tenets of prefabrication and modular construction, how the benefits of “better, cheaper, faster” are balanced with quality and safety, and how design/build processes and budgets can be reframed from traditional healthcare design/build projects.

Through presentations, case studies and conversations, attendees will gain insight into the latest developments in the field and better understand the advantages and challenges of the prefabrication/modular approach. Attendees also will benefit from interactive exercises with fellow attendees and faculty and can share questions and ideas with the owners, faculty, and solution providers throughout the event. 





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Presenting Faculty

Welcome Opening Remarks & Introductions

Thomas Jung, M.Arch
Member, Board of Directors
The Center for Health Design




Opening Keynote Presentation

Come hear about the current state-of-the practice of prefabrication and modular construction in the healthcare industry from a leading expert. 


Panel of Experts

Attendees will hear first-hand experiences from representatives of acclaimed health systems as they share insights into the latest developments in the field. Panelists will also share examples of what is currently working in the field, what opportunities exist and how design of the built environment using this approach can address them.


Audience Q&A with Panel of Experts


Presentation/Case Study – Description to Come


Presentation/Case Study – Description to come


Panel – Solution Providers and Experts

With their diverse experience, depth of technical knowledge and practical application, today’s leading partners and solution providers can help organizations avoid challenges, implement state-of-the-art solutions and gain competitive advantages available through prefab, industrial construction and design. Join us as they share their unique insights and innovative practices being applied to advance the built environment.


Presentation/Case Study – Description to come


Concluding Panel Discussion

Join workshop panel speakers as they identify overall themes, key concepts, and next steps with a final Q&A.


Final Words

Wrap up the day with workshop facilitators who will share their observations and projections toward a path forward.


Adjourn Day