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Behavioral & Mental Health

Behavioral and mental health (BMH) conditions affect one of five adults in the U.S. each year, and are even more common among patients receiving care for medical conditions. Up to 45% of patients admitted to the hospital for a medical condition or presenting to the emergency department with a minor injury also have a concurrent BMH condition. These BMH comorbidities increase the risk of psychological harm associated with care. Providing these patients with a healing, therapeutic environment should be an important goal for health design. Design interventions aimed at improving the psychological well-being of patients with BMH comorbidities may be more cost-effective than they initially appear, because they can be leveraged to support improved well-being for other populations as well, including other patients, staff, and visitors. 

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Insights & Solutions

July 2021 Webinar

This webinar will review two separate behavioral health units, one constructed with typical acoustical ceiling tile panels and one with a new acoustic gypsum wallboard ceiling assembly with a similar noise reduction coefficient. A comparison of these two facilities’ acoustic testing results will be discussed along with security concerns, owner requirements, and possible design solutions for this particular sector of healthcare design.  

Product / Project Innovation Highlights
June 2021 Product / Project Innovation Highlights

The BestCare® Dignity Suite is a curated collection of ligature-resistant bathroom fixtures and accessories. Designed to create a peaceful and well-balanced environment, the Dignity Suite is stylish and sleek while simultaneously protecting patients’ safety.

March 2021 Webinar

This webinar will share research and case studies that explore how design can be used as a tool complementing therapeutic protocols to reduce patient stress and aggression on pediatric mental health units.   

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