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Infection Control

Insights & Solutions

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February 2022 Webinar

This webinar will provide tools and resources and direction to current research, field tests, and survey results to explore performance metrics. Presenters will explore the various causes of material performance failures throughout the built environment, and provide new information on breakthroughs in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.   

Product / Project Innovation Highlights
November 2021 Product / Project Innovation Highlights

Vernacare’s single-use disposal systems incorporate bio-degradable bedpans, bowls and urinals that use touchless disposal technology and create a more hygienic, safe, and efficient solution for infection prevention and reduced staff exposure risks.

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August 2021 Webinar

Jumping off the lessons learned in healthcare, this webinar will highlight recommended best practices regarding designing to mitigate the risk of infection, emerging infection prevention technologies, proper surface cleaning & disinfection, and best practices in facility operation & maintenance.  

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