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Infection Control

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and other easily transmittable diseases are a serious concern in most facilities today. Implementing some of the latest best practices in your physical environment can help to minimize their impact—and help you get the best outcomes from your efforts.

Insights & Solutions

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August 2015 Interview

Learn about: the three main ways pathogens are spread in a healthcare facility, why infection control specialists and designers need to work as a team for best results and ​why more research is needed to determine the impact of specific design features on infection control.


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June 2014 Webinar
This webinar explores how to: identify one common pathogen associated with health care associated infection and construction activity, list infection prevention considerations for each phase of the design process, review common interventions used to prevent risks for infection during construction activity, and understand the current incidence of health care-associated infections in U.S. hospitals. 
August 2015 Tool
This Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) toolkit helps healthcare design teams proactively identify and mitigate built environment conditions that may impact patient and worker safety in healthcare environments.  Through extensive review of research, consensus building with industry experts, and pilot testing, the SRA toolkit was created to support the 2014 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities. 
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