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October 2015 Related Resource

This list of resources is made of up of articles, books, policies, organizations, and more, related to noise  Use this list to learn more about this topic.

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February 2015 Webinar

The built environment plays a critical role on the health and wellbeing of its inhabitants, including: the advent of the evidence-based methodology on disruptive innovation in healthcare design; biophilia as a baseline for the shift to our inordinate amount of sedentary time indoors; how to access color and light, and their misunderstood impact on an occupant’s experience; discussion of issues related to acoustical integrity of our environments; environments that encourage interaction, communication and the healing power of touch; and an assessment of how design impacts “life indoors” through a review of best practices.

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September 2014 Webinar

Healthy soundscapes are paramount to the missions of hospitals: patients need to sleep and heal without unnecessary environmental stressors; staff, patients, and family need to communicate accurately but privately; staff need to be able to localize alarms and calls for help. There is growing research evidence of the potentially negative effects of poor soundscapes on hospital occupants. Explore recent findings from the Healthcare Acoustics Research Team (HART), an international collaboration of specialists in architecture, engineering, medicine, nursing, and psychology. 

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