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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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Designing for flexibility in hybrid care services: Lessons learned from a pilot in an internal medicine unit

Author(s): Pilosof, N. P., Barrett, M., Oborn, E., Barkai, G., Zimlichman, E., Segal, G.
Added November 2023

Architectural evaluation of healthcare facilities: A comprehensive review and implications for building design

Author(s): Jaušovec, M., Gabrovec, B.
Added November 2023

Identifying environmental elements and attributes that contribute to indoor wayfinding: An exploratory study utilizing think-aloud protocol

Author(s): Jamshidi, S., Pati, D.
Added November 2023

Noise pollution, annoyance, and sensitivity; its impact on general health and aggression of hospital staffs

Author(s): Abbasi, H., Ziaei, M., Salimi, K., Zare, S., Jokar, M., Rashidi, N.
Added November 2023

Views from construction professionals on hospital project construction management using modular prefabricated materials and building information modeling support

Author(s): Abbasi, A., Saberi, V., Eghbali, H., Saberi, H.
Added November 2023

Exploring patient experience: A phenomenological qualitative approach to enhance post-operative healing environments in healthcare management

Author(s): Singh, J., Ismail, M. R., Arumugam, V., Suleiman, A.
Added November 2023

Quantifying ventilation design, room layout, and occupant activity parameters during aerosol-generating medical procedures in hospitals

Author(s): Christianson, C. D., Baylis, J. B., Komisar, V., Brinkerhoff, J.
Added November 2023

An auditory sonic sleep treatment for individuals living with dementia in a memory care setting: A quality improvement program evaluation

Author(s): Abushousheh, A., Taylor, E., Brondino, M. J.
Added November 2023

Investigating the conceptual model of child–nature interaction in architectural spaces using grounded theory

Author(s): Soleimani, S., Molanaei, S., Khorshidi, B., Nedaei, C., Ghamari, H.
Added November 2023

Designing worthy waiting spaces: A cross-cultural study of waiting room features and their impact on women’s affective states

Author(s): Huber, A., Bailey, R.
Added November 2023

A systematic review of ventilation solutions for hospital wards: Addressing cross-infection and patient safety

Author(s): Nourozi, B., Wierzbicka, A., Yao, R., Sadrizadeh, S.
Added November 2023

An artificial neural network-based model that can predict inpatients’ personal thermal sensation in rehabilitation wards

Author(s): Gong, P., Cai, Y., Chen, B., Zhang, C., Stravoravdis, S., Sharples, S., Ban, Q., Yu, Y.
Added November 2023

Evaluation of temporary COVID-19 testing sites at Brussels airport, Belgium: Users’ comfort and privacy

Author(s): Muraj, I., Gudelj, A., Jelčić, D., Sopta, M.
Added November 2023

Optimal ventilation strategy for multi-bed hospital inpatient wards: CFD simulations using a genetic algorithm

Author(s): Satheesan, M. K., Tsang, T.-W., Mui, K.-W., Wong, L.-T.
Added November 2023

Considerations for mental healthcare facility design in Indian context

Author(s): Sarkar, A., Niyogi, J. G.
Added November 2023

Building water quality commissioning in healthcare settings: Reducing Legionella and water contaminants utilizing a construction scheduling method

Author(s): Scanlon, M. M., Gordon, J. L., Reynolds, K. A.
Added November 2023

A systematic approach to evidence-based design for measurable health and wellness outcomes: Curating and translating evidence to practice

Author(s): Harris, D., Baker, E., Svacina, J., Funderburk, L.
Added November 2023

A challenge to the evidence behind noise guidelines for UK hospitals

Author(s): Hampton, T., Everett, S., Goldsmith, E., Lee, P. J.
Added November 2023

Effect of the spatial form of outpatient buildings on energy consumption in different climate zones in China

Author(s): Yang, J., Zhang, Q.
Added November 2023

Designing for community engagement: User-friendly refugee wellness center planning process and concept, a health design case study

Author(s): Solomon, E., Joa, B., Coffman, S., Faircloth, B., Altshuler, M., Ku, B.
Added November 2023