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Knowledge Repository

Risk factors for nosocomial infection in intensive care. 'Devices vs nature' and goals for the next decade

Author(s): Maki, D.G.

Incidence of Nosocomial Aspergillosis in Patients with Leukemia Over a Twenty-Year Period

Author(s): Klimowski, L.L., Rotstein, C., Cummings, K.M.

Influence of architectural design on nosocomial infections in intensive care units

Author(s): Huebner, J., Frank, U., Kappstein, I.

Invasive aspergillus infection: possible non-ward common source within the hospital environment.

Author(s): Hopkins, C.C., Weber, D.J., Rubin, R.H.

The CCU patient: Anxiety and annoyance to noise

Author(s): Gast, P.L., Baker, C.F.

Creating a therapeutic environment in a pediatric renal unit

Author(s): Frauman, A., Gilman, C.

Effects of thermal stress on human performance

Author(s): Enander, A.E.

Noise levels in operating rooms- A comparison of Cananda and England

Author(s): Davies, J.M., Ewen, A., Cuppage, A., Gilbert, D., Winkelaar, R.

Handwashing practices in an intensive care unit: the effects of an educational program and its relationship to infection rates

Author(s): Conly, J.M., Hill, S., Ross, J., Lertzman, J., Louie, T.J.

How physical settings affect chronic mental patients

Author(s): Christenfeld, R., Wagner, J., Pastva, G., Acrish, W.P.